Thursday, March 30, 2017

Awesome Camera

This is one review I am excited to write. I have been a fan of Smugmug for
years and years, paying for their Pro account annually and enjoying the ease of use on the site. I am also a recent iPhone convert and have enjoyed playing with various apps as I become accustomed to the device. One area of interest has been photography apps and I was quick to download the Photographer’s Ephemeris and a decent Depth Of Field (hyperfocal) Calculator. I then played around with various camera apps and found some useful and some lacking. camera
Then Smugmug sent me an email camera stating they had released their Camera Awesome app last week. Curious, but a little tired of trying new apps that did a lot of the same things, I downloaded the free app and gave it a whirl. What I found was a camera app that I really enjoy using for various reasons. Let me step through some the basics and show camera you why you might enjoy this app as well.
Getting camera Started
Camera Awesome is easy to use and this starts with the main interface. camera Most of the screen is given to image space with the vitals hidden away, easily accessed with a single touch.
Next are the camera preset effects (fx for short). We’ll get into these in a moment, but camera just remember they are there if you find one you like one and want it applied to all your photos (handy for some, but not so much for me).
Lastly is the automatic share camera feature on the right side. The good news is you can set Camera
Awesome to automatically share your photos with a slew of popular social sites. The camera downside is you can only choose one at a time (although by choosing to instantly upload to Smugmug,camera you can choose to have Smugmug then share out to other sites). A bit of time is needed the first time around to set up the sharing capabilities camera for each site as you must authorize Smugmug to post accordingly.
The settings tab on the left side (that gear icon) allows for control over Camera Awesome’s core features. Such as, if Camera Awesome will export to the iPhone camera roll automatically, or archive images to Smugmug’s servers (and it defaults to a hidden gallery on Smugmug if you sign up for the service). This is also where you will set up individual accounts and where you camera can find the ability to restore purchased items (filters and the like) should you camera ever switch phones or need to completely reset your iPhone for some reason.

Unlike the default camera app that comes with the iPhone, Camera Awesome allows for separate focus and metering points. This is similar to using the exposure or focus lock on a DSLR and recomposing, without the need to recompose. Some other camera apps have this feature and it’s nice to get it in a free app. Starting with Awesomzie, there is a on/off button and a Awesomeness slider. This controls the amount of awesome that is applied. What appears camera to be awesome, is more contrast, light balance and sharpness, from what I’ve experienced. cameraAnd a bit more vibrant photos. It does help for more images, but is not for all. camera It makes whites whiter and skies bluer. It makes skin tones more camera accurate and rainbows shine.

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